(Pratt Institute Junior Year 2017: Design for Home Organization)

Mizo is a laptop-carrier and stand for inter-office travel. By elevating the laptop at an angle, it facilitates better air circulation, alleviates wrist fatigue, as well as reduces eye strain.

Initial Sketches
Mizo originated as a portable work station tool. The initial exploration developed ideas where the function has been already realized by objects such as the backpack or the briefcase. Through this finding, Mizo was approached to be a product that does not replace these objects but rather works in tandem by acting as a mobile carrier for inter-office travel. 

Experimenting with Various Forms
It was important for the design of Mizo to be light weight, comfortable, and beneficial for the laptop. With these goals, the initial prototypes experimented with various radii as well as ventilation and handle cut outs.

Mizo Features
Mizo is made with a single sheet of plastic. There is a 1/8 inch slit across the bottom of the carrier to provide ventilation, a rubberized handle at the top, and a piece of elastic which keeps the laptop from falling out of the carrier.